Monthly and GRAND PRIZE draw

Harmony Dental Arts will be rewarding their most dedicated patients with a monthly Prize draw, as well as a chance to appear on our website and Facebook page. Each month the prizes will be different, with a Grand Prize at the end of the year. The Grand Prize will be a brand new FLAT SCREEN T.V .The drawing will be a random draw that will be held at the end of the month. The qualified patients will be encouraged to write their name on a slip, and slip it in the designated box.

Dr. Sokolina lecture in Secaucus Library

Sokolina Teaching Dental Care To Children
Maria Sokolina Teaching Healthy Dental Habits
 Maria Sokolina ith Children Photo

On March 9th, 2010 Dr. Sokolina visited the Secaucus Public Library. At the library they instructed a group of young children, as well as Dr.Sokolina's son Benjamin who was in the crowd, on the importance of proper dental care. They showed the children correct tooth brushing techniques, explained how cavities form and how they can be prevented. Dr. Sokolina showed the children the proper personal protective equipment that dentists use (including gloves and white coat) in order to protect their patients, as well as keep the dentists free from any bodily fluids.
Dr. Sokolina hopes to help children become more familiar with dentists in order to make their office visit a more comfortable one. Our doctors showed the kids a fun, instructional cartoon video that clarifies the process of a dental visit and helps instill quality oral health habits. The American Dental Association (A.D.A) recommends brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly to maintain optimal dental health. By traveling to different locations instructing others Dr. Sokolina is attempting to instill just that in the minds of others .

Dr. Frankel retirement party

On Thursday March 4th, 2010 Dr. Sokolina and her staff at Harmony Dental Arts in Clifton honored Dr. Frankel with a, much anticipated, retirement party. After all his years of hard work his retirement was alongside friends, neighbors, previous staff members and of course caring patients. It was a very touching affair in which Dr. Frankel received many gifts, letters and momentum from many of his guests. Some very special moments were when the speeches were delivered, because of the acknowledgment he received for his many years in the practice and his great work.

It was without a doubt that Dr. Frankel was very touched by the tributes presented to him. One of the first speeches was given by Dr. Sokolina, who spoke about the happiness she felt when Dr. Frankel decided to stay in the practice after she purchased it from him. She also spoke of what a truly great experience it was to have worked with him for the past 6 years. Another speaker was one of his own patients who had been with him since his first location in Passaic. The patient spoke about how great it was to have had Dr. Frankel as the family dentist . He went on to talk about what he admired about Dr. Frankel was the fact that he always had the patients' best interest in mind.

The last speaker of the night was Mrs. Frankel who joked on how she wanted to marry a dentist because she had "bad teeth". She also talked about how she met her husband when he was in dental school and how their life has been since then. Harmony Dental Arts was pleased with the event that was put together for Dr. Frankel and we sincerely wish him the very best in his future.

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