Post Operative instructions after delivery of Dentures / Partials

The following suggestions are presented to assist you in learning to use and properly care for a new denture.

Sore Spots:

Usually, your mouth will have a few “Sore Spots” after wearing the denture/partial for 24 hours. These areas can be relieved with very little effort during your next appointment.


Learning to speak with your new dentures in place requires some patience and perseverance. Reading loud is a very good way to enunciate distinctly, especially those sounds or words that are not clear.


The new bite may not feel completely comfortable for several weeks. We can adjust the contacting surfaces of your teeth after the dentures/partials have settled into place.

Hygiene of the Dentures/Partials and your Mouth:

It is extremely important to clean you dentures by using a denture brush and a mild toothpaste. Periodic denture soaks once a week are also very useful (ex: Polident). We recommend leaving your partials out of your mouth at least for 6 hours and soaking in water. Food particles that are trapped under the denture can cause the inflammation of the gums and sore spots. Food particles will stick to soft tissue of your mouth; it is beneficial to brush the roof of your mouth and your tongue daily. Massaging and stimulating those tissues will reduce the incidence of inflammation and sore spots.

Partials only:

Use special care to clean parts of the partial that contact any natural teeth. Both the partial and the natural teeth must be kept very clean on a daily basis to reduce the chance of new dental decay starting.

Be sure to check your dentures at least once annually as changes in the mouth, such as bone loss, and a wearing of the teeth will inevitably occur. Careful maintenance of the dentures and the supporting soft tissues will help to slow down these changes.

We have done our best to provide you with well-fitted, functional, and esthetic dentures/partials. We feel confident that after a few weeks of becoming adjusted to the new dentures/partials, you will have years of satisfaction from them. Over time, your jawbone and gums shrink when there are teeth missing. When this occurs, your dentures/partials will feel loose and may require relining. Wearing ill-fitting dentures/partials for too long without refitting can cause severe bone loss and very serious oral disease. Please call our office if these symptoms occur.

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