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Several issues can arise throughout the course of orthodontic treatment. From loose braces to poking wires, even the smallest complication can lead to pain and discomfort. With both dentists and orthodontists on staff, Harmony Dental Arts are prepared to address any oral emergency. We are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients in the Clifton, New Jersey area.

Our Holistic Approach to Orthodontics

To ensure the best oral care, it is important that children begin orthodontic check-ups around the age of 7. This timeframe gives our New Jersey-based team of dentists and orthodontists the ability to spot and address any irregularities in jaw growth or formation. Early detection can lead to a reduction in treatment and recovery time as many disorders become harder to correct as we get older.

Written by Dr. Sokolina

Loose Wires or Brace – DIY Fixes

Braces or wires will often come loose, poking and cutting the inside of the mouth. Wax can be applied to the end of the wire to avoid irritation. If the irritation continues, the wire can be cut or bent to avoid contact with the skin. If braces loosen, tweezers are helpful to readjust the wire until your next appointment. A lost separator is another common problem with an easy solution. Just string some dental floss through the separator, pull under and up between the teeth, and remove the floss. For more tips and info on how to maintain braces, refer to our post-operative instructions. If none of these tips solve the problem or your braces are completely broken, do not hesitate to call in for help or schedule an emergency appointment.


Soreness and mild pain are common after dental or orthodontic treatment. Hydrogen peroxide and salt solution can be used as a rinse to help deal with pain. Over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol, Advil, or Motrin can also be used as a last resort to manage pain and inflammation, but patients should always be aware of allergies before use. If gums begin to bleed it is usually a sign of infection and should be treated carefully. Pay close attention to the affected area when cleaning, making sure to use a Listerine rinse regularly.

In addition, following the removal of braces, many people will notice spaces developing in between their teeth. This is completely normal and is no reason to panic! Your teeth are just naturally expanding into a broader smile. Retainers are also commonly used after braces are removed to ensure teeth remain straight and correctly aligned.

Written by Dr. Sokolina

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Written by Dr. Sokolina
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