Dr. Alyona Sverdlov, DDS


Dr. Sverdlov graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry with honors. It was her second dental degree, the first from the Medical school in St. Petersburg, Russia. After graduation in 1993, she worked in a private clinic for seven years.

Dr. Sverdlov is taking many continuing education courses. Her main areas of interest are Endodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. She has a great deal of experience in working with apprehensive patients.

Dr. Sverdlov has many interests outside of dentistry as well. Her special ability to see beautiful things around her led her to digital photography. You can see her masterpieces in our reception area. In addition, she has an exclusive collection of Eastern European Art. She attends numerous jazz concerts and shows and has extensive knowledge of world literature, fashion, and holistic nutrition. With such a broad spectrum of knowledge and interest in the world around her, she is a wonderful person to be around.

Dr. Sverdlov loves to spend time with her husband Mike and daughter Dasha, an aspiring artist.

Continuing Education Courses

  • 2013Fixed Restorations of the Fully Edentulous Arch with Implants, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA.
  • 2013Lasers in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease and Peri-Implantitis, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA.
  • 2013Is there an Alternative to the Removal of Teeth or Dental Implants that are Ailing/ Failing, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA.
  • 2013Positioning for the Future; Dentistry for the Masses, Ultradent Seminars.
  • 2013The Woes of Implant Cements, Drs. Michael & Bernadette Messana.
  • 2012Prevention, Nonsurgical Treatment and Regenerative Therapies, Straumann.
  • 2012Pharmacopathology: More Than A mouthful, Paramus Periodontics.
  • 2012Treatment Planning With and Without Implants, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA.
  • 2012Restoring Dental Implants- Keys to Success, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry PA.
  • 2011State of the Art Digital Restorative Dentistry and the Lab, Dental Learning.
  • 2011Clinical Efficacy of the CAD/CAM System and Materials, Dental Learning.
  • 2011Digital Restorative Dentistry and Digital Impressions, Dental Learning.
  • 2011Case Acceptance for Digital Dentistry, Dental Learning
  • 2011Orthodontic Treatment Timing What to treat, when, and why, Drs. Michael & Bernadette Messana.
  • 2011CPR & Emergency Medicine in Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry.
  • 2011Knowing when NOT to do endodontic treatment, New Jersey Board of Dentistry.
  • 2010Outpatient Anesthesia for the Dentalphobic, Tri-County Center for Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implants.
  • 2010Evaluation of Congemtal Jaw Deformities, Dental Implant Training Center Verification of Participation.
  • 2010Evaluation of Congenital Jaw Dental Deformities Lecture. Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2010Ceramics 2010.Bear Book Study Club
  • 2009Teamwork & Communication in the Dental office. Bear Book Study Club
  • 2008DentiSpace,” Mandible” Reconstruction, Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2008High Strength Ceramic Materials, The Right Choice for Implant, Supported Restorations, Bear Book Study Club
  • 2008Management of Thyroid Cancer, Functional Reconstruction of Oral Cancer, Salivary Gland Disease Solution, Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2008Intro to Implants. Dr. E. Goldman and Adam Wazeter, National AGD
  • 2008Immediate Loading Of Dental Implants for Full-Arch Restorations.” American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • 2008Everything General Dentists Need to know about Oral Cancer Screening, Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2008Bone Grafting In Mandibular Reconstruction, Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2008Computer Assisted Planning in Implant Surgery, Dental Implant Training Center
  • 2007Septocaine Articaine HCI Unique New Local Anesthetic, Dental Didactics
  • 2007A Review Of Tooth Whitening, Dental Didactics
  • 2007″Fifth Annual NYU Aesthetic Symposium ” New York University
  • 2006Four Secrets of Practice Success, Levin Group
  • 2006″Fourth Annual NYU Aesthetic Symposium”, New York University
  • 2006Esthetic Illusions for Implant Dentistry, Bear Brook Study Club
  • 2005Five Commitments for “Effective” Periodontal Care, The Greater New York Dental Meeting
  • 2005″Esthetic options for the Restoration of Natural Teeth and Implants with Procera, Bear Brook Study Club
  • 2005Barry Musikant, Safesiders Endodontics lecture, Barry Musikant,
  • 2005″Sealing The Canal System”, Bear Brook Study Club
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