Dr. Muhammad Abey, DDS

our doctor Muhammad Abey, DDS

Dr. Muhammad Abey is one of New Jersey’s top orthodontists. He specializes in creating personalized treatments to help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Since completing his orthodontic residency in 2012, Dr. Abey has been one of the leading dentists in the field of teeth-straightening techniques. His training and years of experience give him a deep understanding of the oral treatments he provides to his patients. Furthermore, Dr. Abey is certified and highly experienced as a clinical associate professor.

Born in Golan Heights, Israel and raised in Nalchik, Russia, Dr. Abey is fluent in both English and Russian. He provides effective oral solutions for adults and children while taking all the possible steps to reduce treatment time. If you want to learn more about Dr. Abey’s work, get in touch with Harmony Dental Arts and book an appointment today.

Training and Education

After receiving his degree from New York University’s College of Dentistry in 2009, Dr. Abey went on to obtain a DDS orthodontist degree from NYU Dental School in 2012. Furthermore, he obtained a certificate of education and joined the NYU orthodontist department as a clinical associate professor after completing his postgraduate degree.

Specialties and Equipment Used

Since graduating, Dr. Abey has worked at some of New Jersey’s most recognized dental clinics. He specializes in teeth straightening techniques, creating a tailored plan for each patient based on his or her unique requirements. Moreover, Dr. Abey uses the most innovative imaging and therapeutic equipment to help his patients achieve results as quickly as possible.

What Makes Dr. Abey a Top Dentist in NJ

Dr. Abey is passionate about orthodontics and strives to help his patients achieve their cosmetic goals. He specializes in retainers, clear aligners, and other innovative teeth straightening solutions. Moreover, he has experience working at some of the top dental clinics in New Jersey and has mastery over the most cutting-edge treatments available in the field of cosmetic orthodontics.

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