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Advances in modern dental materials enable patients to have teeth that are decayed, damaged, or worn repaired with tooth-colored fillings. At Harmony Dental Arts, we can repair teeth and replace old fillings using a natural-looking composite resin closely matched to the color of the patient’s teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings avoid the health risks associated with the mercury that is contained in and sometimes released from metal fillings. For patients who are concerned about these amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings provide an excellent solution.

When larger restorations are needed on back teeth, tooth-colored restorations made of strong ceramics are used. These are more compatible with tooth structure, and are stronger than metal fillings. They adhere to teeth tightly, preventing further damage and decay. Since the materials we use are so durable, they can predictably be used to repair back teeth, where pressure from chewing is greatest. Tooth-colored fillings support the remaining tooth structure, help to prevent breaks and cracks, and insulate the tooth from temperature changes that can cause pain in sensitive nerve endings. Therefore, tooth-colored fillings are excellent for repairing teeth while providing the most aesthetically pleasing results possible.


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