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Technology moves at a fast pace and, like other branches of medicine, dental healthcare is directly influenced by this phenomenon. At Harmony Dental Arts, our team of dentists and technicians strives to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of oral medicine. Furthermore, we aim to provide these technologies to our patients in order to improve their experience and the efficiency of our treatments, as well as to accelerate the recovery process as much as possible.

The iTero Digital Impression System is a great example of the innovative technology we implement at our practice. This state-of-the-art imaging system can help our Clifton, NJ dentists visualize your teeth and provide better solutions to our clients. If you want to learn more about iTero and other technologies we use at our practice, get in touch with us today and book a consultation.

What is the iTero Digital Impression System?

Traditionally, dental impressions were taken using molds and similar methods that produce mild discomfort for patients. The iTero Digital Impression System is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that allows our dentists to collect ultra-accurate impressions without requiring physical molding. This intraoral imaging device captures thousands of frames per second in order to create a three-dimensional image of your teeth in minutes. Moreover, thanks to the device’s features, our team of dental care experts in Clifton can use the renderings to enhance the results obtained through treatments like Invisalign.

Benefits of iTero for Patients

From a patient’s perspective, physical molds are an awkward solution that feels like an invasion at best. Intraoral devices like iTero bring an array of benefits for patients, including a more comfortable experience. Other benefits of the iTero imaging system for patients include:

  • Creates accurate models for crowns, veneers, and other restorative work
  • Improves diagnoses
  • Allows dentists to create a better care plan
  • Does not require physical, uncomfortable molds

iTero for Restorative Dental Treatments

At Harmony Dental Arts, we dedicate a large part of our practice to restorative dental work. This is one of the reasons why we focus on acquiring technology like iTero. Unlike traditional molds, this device enables our expert Clifton dentists to produce better results, shorten patient recovery times, and create more realistic expectations during restorative treatments.

Combining iTero with Invisalign

Patients that are considering Invisalign can enjoy many benefits thanks to iTero. This imaging system can be integrated with Invisalign, so the results can be used to accelerate the preparation stage and help you get your custom aligners faster. Moreover, patients that receive Invisalign paired with iTero tend to experience fewer fitting issues. They also get a better idea of the results they can attain.

Why Choose Harmony Dental Arts for iTero Treatments in Clifton, NJ?

Having the ability to determine more accurate outcomes can have a great impact on the quality of the dental care you receive. It is important for patients to find a reliable dentist that also uses cutting-edge technology that improves results and enhances patient experience.

At Harmony Dental Arts, our team of dentists in Clifton, New Jersey strives to learn about emerging technologies and implementing them in our practice. If you are interested in learning more about our dental care services, contact us and book an appointment today.

Written by Dr. Sokolina

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