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The award-winning New Jersey orthodontists at Harmony Dental Arts are pleased to offer their patients AcceleDent and Propel as a way to speed up orthodontic treatment. Both treatments are designed to accelerate the time a patient needs Invisalign or other orthodontic appliances and can make the entire process smoother and more comfortable.

The board-certified team at Harmony Dental Arts, in New Jersey, will work directly with you to understand your goals and will recommend either AcceleDent or Propel depending on your needs. We understand that often people do not have the time or patience to have orthodontic treatment for the full term that may be prescribed. A customized AcceleDent or Propel treatment plan designed by our expert orthodontists can shorten the length of your orthodontic treatment in a safe, yet effective way.


AcceleDent is an advanced technology that works through a customized mouthpiece that creates small, pulsed vibrations. These micro pulses deliver localized, gentle vibrations at the root of the tooth to increase cellular activity and facilitate tooth movement. The FDA-approved medical device works to speed up the time needed for Invisalign, braces, or aligners, giving you faster results. AcceleDent is designed to be used at home so that patients can use it daily to get fast results without additional time. Used just once a day for twenty minutes, AcceleDent can give you that beautiful smile in a fraction of the time.

The Propel device and Acceledent device photo

The Propel device and Acceledent device are both effective ways to speed up your orthodontic treatment.


Whether you are correcting alignment or spacing through Invisalign, braces, or another orthodontic device, Propel, like AcceleDent, can speed up the process. Propel, patented and FDA-approved, works in a minimally-invasive way and requires no recovery or downtime. Through micro osteo-perforations, Propel creates a precisely-tailored inflammatory response that speeds up the bone remodeling rate.

The benefit of Propel is that it does not require any at-home work. Simply schedule an appointment to visit our office, and our experienced orthodontists at Harmony Dental Arts in Clifton, NJ will do all the work for you. Unlike AcceleDent, which needs to be used on a daily basis, Propel can be effective in a single treatment or a series of treatments, depending on the orthodontist’s professional assessment.


Propel and Acceledent in Clifton, NJ

If you think you would benefit from either AcceleDent or Propel or would like more information on either treatment, we encourage you to schedule a time to visit our office and evaluate your candidacy in person. Our orthodontists are experienced in both treatments and have achieved great results for many patients. Unlike dentists, who are trained in general dentistry, our orthodontists are specialized experts in fixing alignment and are more qualified to get you the results you want in the safest way possible. We will work with you to create a custom plan that best suits your goals to get you the results you want faster.

Written by Dr. Sokolina

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