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Meet Clifton Dentist Dr. Maria Sokolina DDS

Dr. Sokolina graduated from NYU Dental School in 1998, graduating with honors and recieveing the Periodontics Honor Award. She did her postgraduate training in one of the best general practice residency programs in the country at Newark's Beth Israel Medical Center.She published an article in the World Journal of Orthodontics in 2002 and presented a lecture on "Treatment Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry" at the Dental Convention in Atlantic City in 2001.

Dr. Sokolina completed a mini-residency implant program in 2003 and has successfully placed and restored hundreds of implants.

Dr. Sokolina strives to increase the level of her knowledge in the ever-expanding field of dentistry. She completed hundreds of hours of continuing education including Dawson Academy, USDI Institute for Orthodontic Training and TUFTs University for Sleep Apnea courses. It is the goal of Dr. Sokolina and everyone in her office to continue to be on the cutting edge of every new development in dentistry that could make procedures more comfortable and further improve quality of life of her patients.

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Featured Procedures


Most dental practices that offer Invisalign have either dentists or orthodontists working on your case. At Harmony Dental Arts, we understand that you want to maintain your transformed smile for many years to come. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Sokolina works closely with Clifton based orthodontist Dr. Abey to ensure beautiful, sustainable results. Our team offers continuity of service, helping patients with their dental health years after completing Invisalign. Clifton NJ patients who want to get express results use the Propel and Acceledent devices to speed up their teeth straightening process.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are designed to correct the appearance of chipped, cracked, crooked, or stained teeth. The shape, length, and width of the teeth can be altered with porcelain veneers to better complement the facial features and restore balance and symmetry to the smile.

They can help your teeth to appear WHITER, STRAIGHTER and SHAPED BEAUTIFULLY. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that bond to the front surfaces of teeth. Custom-made for each individual patient, the color of each veneer is closely matched to the patient's teeth. With a semi-translucent, enamel-like quality, porcelain veneers allow light to be absorbed and reflected off the dentin beneath, resulting in bright, luminescent teeth that look completely natural.


Orthodontic Retainers

At Harmony Dental Arts, we offer our patients the latest technology in Orthodontic treatment to transform your smile. Our Clifton based Board-Certified Orthodontist Dr. Abey works closely with our Board-Certified dentist, Dr. Sokolina at our New Jersey location to ensure that the results are long-lasting, natural-looking and sustainable. This ensures that there is continuity of care and patient service and that patients get the smile that they have always wanted.


Zoom Teeth Whitening

One of the nation's most popular teeth-whitening systems, ZOOM ® brightens and whitens teeth by up to ten shades in just under an hour. ZOOM ® is an advanced proprietary system that utilizes a highly specialized gel formula and laser light to transform dull or stained teeth into integral components of a bright and luminescent smile.

During treatment, the patient's gums, lips, and cheeks are protected while the gel is applied to the teeth. Laser light is then directed at the teeth to activate the whitening gel. Over a period of about 45 minutes, the gel works to lighten teeth that have become discolored due to coffee, tea, nicotine, antibiotics, or simply the effects of aging. At the end of the treatment session, our professional staff will remove the whitening gel to reveal whiter, brighter teeth and a more radiant smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Clifton, NJ


Are you looking for a way to achieve that megawatt smile, but are fearful of the porcelain veneer process? Lumineers are a great alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, especially for people who have a fear of the dentist or who don't want their teeth drilled on.

These veneers provide a painless way to permanently whiten and align teeth and repair chipped teeth without altering tooth structure. Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers made from Cerinate porcelain. Their thickness compares to that of a contact lens. This type of veneer requires little to no tooth reduction in most cases, and numbing shots are not needed.


Tooth Colored Fillings

Advances in modern dental materials enable patients to have teeth that are decayed, damaged, or worn repaired with tooth-colored fillings. At Harmony Dental Arts, we can repair teeth and replace old fillings using a natural-looking composite resin closely matched to the color of the patient's teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings avoid the health risks associated with the mercury that is contained in and sometimes released from metal fillings. For patients who are concerned about these amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings provide an excellent solution.


Inlays and Onlays

For teeth that have become damaged or decayed, inlays and onlays provide a more conservative alternative to tradition dental crowns. An inlay replaces tooth structure within the cusp tips of molars, while more extensive tooth damage can be treated and corrected with onlays which cover the entire chewing surface of the tooth.

While crowns require a large, outer portion of the damaged tooth be removed, inlays and onlays only require that the decayed parts of the tooth be drilled away. Once that task has been accomplished, a mold of the tooth is made so the inlay or onlay can be created to fit the existing tooth structure precisely. Porcelain or a composite resin is used to create the inlay or onlay in our lab. When ready, the inlay or onlay is bonded to the tooth, providing a new chewing surface and greater support for the tooth structure.

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