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Orthodontic retainers can help fix multiple dental issues, including helping to maintain your teeth straight after wearing braces or Invisalign. Harmony Dental Arts in New Jersey offers you three different retainer options: the Hawley Retainer, Invisalign Retainer, and the Fixed Retainer. During your first free consultation at our office in Clifton, NJ, we can advise which option is the best for your situation. Our expert dentist Dr. Sokolina works closely with top orthodontist Dr. Abey and the rest of our highly trained staff to ensure beautiful, sustainable results.

At Harmony Dental Arts we believe in a holistic approach to providing you with the best dental solutions and long-term results. Our board-certified orthodontists and top NJ cosmetic dentists work together on customized dental treatments that combine years of training with skill and expertise to provide patients the best results. When it comes to retainers, only a trained orthodontist can diagnose, prevent and treat dental irregularities efficiently.

Hawley Retainer in Clifton, NJ

With Hawley retainers, your anterior teeth are surrounded with metal wire to keep them in place. These retainers are the most well-known removable retainers for both upper and lower arches and have a long history of proven effectivity. The advantage of a Hawley retainer is that the metal wires are adjustable and you can set them to finish an orthodontic treatment or to continue adjusting teeth as needed. Made of stainless steel, these retainers are extremely durable and will last a long time. Many people consider it an advantage that the Hawley retainer is removable and therefore can be cleaned well.

three Hawley Retainers

Invisalign Retainer in New Jersey

Invisalign retainers are effective removable retainers that can correct mild to moderate dental challenges. In cases of small overbite, crooked teeth, crowded teeth or gaps between teeth, the Invisalign retainer can be a discrete solution. These retainers are made of transparent, lightweight material, which makes them comfortable to wear and virtually invisible. This may make the Invisalign retainer an easier choice for older patients or a solution for the self-conscious teenager. Invisalign retainers can be removed to eat and drink and to be cleaned.

a women holding an upper Invisalign, clear aligner, tray

Fixed Retainer in NJ

A fixed retainer, also known as a permanent or bonded retainer, is a wire that is glued to the back end of the teeth, on the side of the tongue. This stainless steel solution is permanent and usually fixed to the 6 front teeth. Patients have to floss the small space between the retainer and teeth regularly as fixed retainers cannot be removed by the patient and may cause tartar build-up or gingivitis. The advantage of a fixed retainer is that you cannot lose it or forget to put it in. Patients also often get used to the feeling of wearing the retainer quite quickly.

Fixed retainer photo

Child fixed retainer photo

Orthodontic Retainers at Harmony Dental Arts in NJ

Our award-winning New Jersey orthodontists and certified team of dentists and nurses work closely together in order to provide you with the best care and expert solutions. We are one of the few dental offices to offer orthodontist-dentist combined treatment to our patients. During a consultation at our practice in Clifton, New Jersey, we will listen carefully to your wishes to match the treatment to your dental situation. It is our goal to ensure beautiful results that are sustainable. With our high standard of service, we support your dental health before, during and after the treatment.

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Retainers photo

Full transformation of the smile with orthodontic treatment and porcelain crowns. Gummy smile is gone with proportional position of teeth.



Amazing transformation! Combination of orthodontic and implant treatment. Conservative approach! Natural beauty!

Written by Dr. Sokolina

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