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Keeping the dental crown, which is the visible part of each tooth, in good condition is important. However, you also have to pay attention to the internal components to maintain good oral health. The pulp, which is the network of nerves and blood vessels located inside of each tooth, can become damaged or infected, putting your entire tooth at risk.

In these cases, root canal therapy is a great alternative that can help protect your teeth and promote good oral health in general. At Harmony Dental Arts, our team of oral care specialists can help identify teeth with damaged pulp and perform a root canal in Clifton, NJ to ensure the crown remains in good condition. If you want to learn more about working with our expert dentists, get in touch with us and book a consultation today.

Overview of Root Canal Therapy

In simple terms, a root canal is a procedure that allows our dentists to remove the pulp, which is the soft center found inside of each tooth. The pulp is important for healthy tooth development. However, once the teeth are done growing, the soft center can be removed without putting the crown at risk.

In cases where the pulp becomes damaged, infected, or necrotic, the best course of action may be to remove it via a root canal. If you want to learn more about this procedure or working with our dentists, contact Harmony Dental Arts today.

When is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Our team of oral care experts performs root canal therapy in Clifton, NJ for patients who are experiencing:

  • Severe tooth decay due to untreated cavities
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Trauma or impact on the tooth

Furthermore, if you are having more than one dental procedure on a single tooth, root canals may offer a good alternative to maintain a healthy crown.

Root Canal Therapy Benefits

Some of the most important benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • Improves tooth sensitivity
  • Eliminates infections and prevents them from spreading to other areas
  • Reduces the chances of jaw degeneration
  • Can potentially save teeth
  • Minimal pain or discomfort

Recovery Expectations

The recovery period for a root canal varies from one patient to another. Some factors that may impact the recovery period include the number of root canals performed, the patient’s lifestyle, and the doctor’s expertise. At Harmony Dental Arts, we create a custom recovery plan to reduce downtime as much as possible without compromising the results of the procedure.

Risks of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy was created years ago and it is regarded as a safe solution to many oral issues. There are mild risks and temporary side-effects you may experience, including:

  • Discomfort during the recovery
  • Temporary numbness
  • Small chance of infection, which can be controlled through treatment

Why Choose Harmony Dental Arts for Root Canal Therapy in Clifton?

At Harmony Dental Arts, our team of Clifton, New Jersey root canal specialists can help diagnose issues that require this procedure. We have decades of combined experience and aim to provide the best oral care services for patients in Clifton and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about our work, book a consultation and our team will be happy to help!

Written by Dr. Sokolina

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