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Dr. Maria Sokolina DDS


Proudly serving patients in NJ and NY, Dr. Sokolina is a board-certified dentist by American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  She has successfully placed and repaired hundreds of dental implants, helping her patients achieve their goals with restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  As one of the leading dentists in New Jersey, Dr. Sokolina has earned esteemed recognition due to her mastery of orthodontics. Furthermore, Dr. Sokolina strives to expand her knowledge through ongoing studies of innovative techniques, including Myofunctional therapy.  Awarded a Top Dentist rating by Healthy Living Magazine and selected as the Best Dentist of 2015 and 2017 by a panel of her peers.  Dr. Sokolina is proud to offer only the best care to her patients.  If you want to learn more about visiting with Dr. Sokolina, get in touch with Harmony Dental Arts and book your consultation today.

Courses Completed and Training

In 1998, Dr. Sokolina graduated from NYU Dental School with honors. Additionally, she was awarded the Periodontic’s Honor Award and continued her postgraduate training at Newark’s Beth Israel Medical Center, one of the most prestigious dental schools in the country.

After completing her postgraduate training, Dr. Sokolina was a lecturer at the Dental Convention in Atlantic City in 2001. She presented a lecture on “Treatment Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry” and published an article in the World Journal of Orthodontics in 2002. In 2003, Dr. Sokolina completed a mini-residency program on oral implants, after which she moved onto completing courses from renowned institutions like Dawson Academy, USDI Institute for Orthodontic Training and TUFTs University for Sleep Apnea. She has achieved a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine status.

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our doctor Muhammad Abey, DDS


Dr. Muhammad Abey is one of New Jersey’s top orthodontists. He specializes in creating personalized treatments to help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Since completing his orthodontic residency in 2012, Dr. Abey has been one of the leading dentists in the field of teeth-straightening techniques. His training and years of experience give him a deep understanding of the oral treatments he provides to his patients. Furthermore, Dr. Abey is certified and highly experienced as a clinical associate professor.

Born in Golan Heights, Israel and raised in Nalchik, Russia, Dr. Abey is fluent in both English and Russian. He provides effective oral solutions for adults and children while taking all the possible steps to reduce treatment time. If you want to learn more about Dr. Abey’s work, get in touch with Harmony Dental Arts and book an appointment today.

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Dr. Alyona Sverdlov, DDS


Dr. Sverdlov graduated from the NYU College of Dentistry with honors. It was her second dental degree, the first from the Medical school in St. Petersburg, Russia. After graduation in 1993, she worked in a private clinic for seven years.

Dr. Sverdlov is taking many continuing education courses. Her main areas of interest are Endodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. She has a great deal of experience in working with apprehensive patients.

Dr. Sverdlov has many interests outside of dentistry as well. Her special ability to see beautiful things around her led her to digital photography. You can see her masterpieces in our reception area. In addition, she has an exclusive collection of Eastern European Art. She attends numerous jazz concerts and shows and has extensive knowledge of world literature, fashion, and holistic nutrition. With such a broad spectrum of knowledge and interest in the world around her, she is a wonderful person to be around.

Dr. Sverdlov loves to spend time with her husband Mike and daughter Dasha, an aspiring artist.

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Anesthesiologist, Eugenio Gaston, RDH


My name is Eugenio Gaston. I am from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, I graduated from Unibe School of dentistry in 1997. In 2005 I had the opportunity to move to the United State and start a new life. During the first years in this beautiful country, my wife and I were blessed with two handsome boys. We all love the outdoors, camping, swimming, video games, and road trips. Because being in the dental field was always in the back of my mind, I worked as a dental assistant for 8 years, and when the time was right I decided to go back to school, so I enrolled at Rutgers University. In December 2016 I finished the Rutgers Dental Hygiene program with high honors and currently hold a license to practice as a Registered Dental hygienist and Local Anesthesia Provider in the state of New Jersey.

It’s my pleasure to serve you and be a part of the Harmony Dental Arts team.

Lina Arias a dental assistant at Harmony Dental Arts


My name is Lina Arias, I was born in the Dominican Republic. Graduated as a dental assistant at fortis institute. I enjoy helping and interacting with patients. My team and I work as hard as we can so that we can create an organized enjoyable and welcoming workplace.

Kiana Burgos a dental intern at Harmony Dental Arts


Hi, my name is Kiana Burgos. I was born in that Dominican Republic. I immigrated to the United States when I was 8 years old. Live in Passaic New Jersey for a year. That following year moved to Paterson NJ currently living in Paterson. I graduated from Eastside High school my major was Culinary Arts. Attended Passaic Country Community College study Early Childhood Education. Work in a daycare for 3 years decided to back to school to study Dental Assistant. I graduated from Fortis Instituted in November 2016. I found out about Harmony Dental Arts from my good friend Lina Arias. I met with Dr. Sokolina after finishing my internship. I am planning to go back to college to further my education on dentistry.

Mother of a princess.

Very happy to have that opportunity to be part of Harmony Dental Arts Family.

Maryana Kit a dental assistant at Harmony Dental Arts


My name is Maryana Kit. I was born in Ukraine. In my high school years, I could not choose between math and dentistry and finally, I graduated from Lviv National University with a PhD diploma in mathematics and mechanics.

I met Dr. Sokolina in the United States and she gave me a chance to try myself in a dental office. My first weeks with this dental team was so excited that I decided to continue studying dentistry. Soon I finished Dental Radiology courses and got my first license in this field. Right now, I proceed with studying at the Dental Studies Institute of New Jersey and hope to become a Certified Dental Assistant shortly.

I enjoy working with great coworkers and happy to help our patients.

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